Hazard Awareness Training for Management and Employees

Just an update: We have obtained our OSHA Authorized Trainer designation for General Industry.  We are now authorized to conduct OSHA 10 & 30 Hour Safety Training for both the Construction Industry and General Industry.

This is great training for both the management team and your employees.  We do not just discuss OSHA standards or company polices, although they are part of the training.  We discuss real-life and everyday hazards that your team members face day in and day out.  We train people on hazard awareness.

Everyone views hazards differently based on their training, work experience and age.  The 10 & 30 hour training classes help bridge that gap.  Once the team understands the hazards around them, they will develop a sense of how to prevent the hazard or correct the hazard to prevent a fellow team member from getting injured.   The better your team members protect themselves, the safer and healthier the workplace becomes.

Slips, trips and falls are the number one in the construction industry and number two in general industry for injuries and deaths in the work place.  In case you are wondering, motor vehicle accidents are number one in general industry.

Everyone has a stake in the game.  For an employee, it is getting injured, pain, suffering, family and financial issues.  From a company stand point, it is loss of a good employee, damage to their reputation, possible OSHA citations, financial impact, disruption of the workplace, loss of production, employee absenteeism and turn-over.

If we work together we can solve all issues and it starts with training.

If we can help, please give us a call at our new office number 205-440-3849, cell 770-298-0738 or email info@matherrisk.com