Coming very soon is severe weather season, April through October.  Ponder these questions:

  • Are you ready?
  • Is your family ready?
  • Can you survive for a few days until help arrives?

Many of us have experienced the results of what can happen during a natural disaster or know of someone who has lost a home or worse lost a loved one.  Many others have volunteered to assist the victims with cleanup, donations and feeding victims and cleanup crews.

Here is a combined list of different items needed to be better prepared you and your family for severe weather.  The following information was gathered from the CDC, Dave Ramsey, other internet sites and personal experience from living in Kansas for a couple of years. Continue reading


The hot temperatures are coming! As we all know, working in the heat puts an extra strain on your body. With some understanding of how the body reacts to heat, we can prevent heat-related disorders. Heat-related illness occurs when the body is unable to shed heat through sweating or circulatory changes.

Some symptoms of heat illness and heat stroke may include: Continue reading