Risk Management Services

Effective risk management often involves avoiding risks before they occur. To help our clients accomplish this task, the Mather Risk Management Services (MRMS) team works with them to increase awareness and incorporate the practice of risk management, risk control, and loss operations.

Steps are taken to assist the client in reducing their losses that drive their overall cost, insurance rates, and liabilities:

  • Review claims, loss-runs, OSHA logs, and accident data to pinpoint locations with unfavorable loss trends to identify causes.
  • Conduct onsite visits to operational areas that are driving the loss experience to pinpoint causes, brainstorm practical solutions, and develop an implementation plan to correct the identified issues.
  • Develop a site specific safety standard and create a risk based safety program to identify variances from Company Policies and OSHA standards.
  • Act as a resource for all locations in order to develop a consistent strategy across all locations.
  • Determine the effectiveness of the existing loss control programs in identifying and treating risk exposures.
  • Review safety policies, work practices and procedures.
  • Review training programs and management practices that promote safety.

MRMS is committed to helping our clients manage their risk through a well-structured risk management program tailored to meet their unique needs.