Safety Investigation and Expert Witness

Mr. Mather provides investigation and litigation support services as an expert witness, to both defense and plaintiff’s counsels or representatives. His expert witness and litigation support services includes:

  • Case reviews
  • OSHA/Safety related litigation claims
  • Expert witness service
  • Accident/incident investigations
  • OSHA related issues

Some investigations require a complex combination of skills, experience, and equipment. Our 25 plus years of experience in the safety and litigation areas has taught us that sometimes it takes a team approach to resolve the issue(s). This team should consist of one or all the following depending on the complexity of the claim:

  • Client (plaintiff or defendant),
  • Legal counsel,
  • Claim adjusters, and many times, and
  • Other consultants/experts.

At Mather Risk Management Services, we understand the claim and possible legal aspects of an incident. Therefore, we complete our assignments in a thorough and timely manner. Our on-scene investigator has the capability to problem solve and determine the cause and origin of the accident or fire. With any investigation, there is the possibility of litigation; therefore, we document every case thoroughly in order to stand up against cross-examination in our findings during the legal process.

We follow the scientific principles and procedures established in NFPA 921 (National Fire Protection Association) and ASTM (American Standards for Testing Materials). Results are fully documented, clearly stated, and reported in a timely manner.


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